BME explodes into US detonator market

The Axxis electronic detonators from BME will soon be available to customers in the US.

Joe Keenan managing director at BME.
Image credit: BME

According to BME managing director Joe Keenan, the company is already active with shipments of Axxis detonators to customers in Atlanta and Texas, and the introduction of a number of BME’s other products and services will soon follow.

“Our range of highly stable emulsion formulations has also been approved by the necessary authorities, and these will soon be available to the US market,” says Keenan. “We expect considerable interest from users and distributors alike as we unveil our offerings to this market.”

He highlighted that much of the anticipated initial demand is likely to come from large existing customers who have good experience of working with BME in Africa and Australia – and who also have operations in the US which could benefit from BME’s offerings. Providing a base for BME’s US presence is its recently opened offices in Denver, Colorado.

“We expect that the powerful features of the Axxis system and its user-friendly interface are going to prove as attractive to this new market as they are in our existing markets,” he says. “Our immediate plans for the US market are to establish and develop our distribution network for the Axxis system and emulsion explosives – to develop customer relationships in mining, quarrying and construction.”

BME’s emulsion products – which have been developed over the past three decades and have proved highly successful – will be toll manufactured in the US to BME’s specifications. The company’s emulsion technology, production capacity and customer service culture has made it one of the largest explosives supplier to Africa’s opencast mining sector.

BME’s Axxis system – which has built a strong customer base in the mining sectors of Africa and Australia especially – has been behind the world’s largest surface blasts, measured by the number of electronic detonators fired in a single blast.

At Zambia’s Kansanshi Mine – the largest copper mine in Africa – 6 690 electronic delay detonators were successfully initiated in one blast last year using Axxis. Electronic detonation has become increasing popular due to its reliability, accuracy and flexibility, making blasting practice more predictable and allowing for larger and more cost-effective blasts.



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