South African entrepreneurs should look north

After attending the last two days of the Junior Mining Indaba in Johannesburg, and listening and speaking to a number of investors, it is clear that they are more likely to invest where the regulatory environment is stable and where there is certainty. It is not easy to fund grassroots exploration projects anyway, the more so when projects are in jurisdictions where there is no transparency, uncertainty and a trust deficit.

Geologically South Africa has a wealth of ore bodies waiting to be developed but there is still too much uncertainty about what government will do next.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to get projects off the ground. Government and the IDC announced that they have made a Junior Miners fund available for black miners wanting to enter the industry. This is encouraging, and hopefully new companies start looking at commodities other than platinum, gold, diamond and coal (there are many).

Moreover, South African juniors, geologists and entrepreneurs should start looking north. If it is difficult in South Africa, why not start exploring the rest of Africa? There are huge deposits out there. Best of all, they are untouched. Zimbabwe, the DRC, Zambia, Namibia, Nigeria, Angola and the whole of West Africa should be on each and every South African junior miners’ map.

Bernard Swanepoel and his team has once again done a fantastic job with @JuniorIndaba and hopefully we have an even bigger turn out next year.                      

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