MTE Barberton Expo 2017

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Hoërskool Barberton  
26 October 2017  
13:00 to 17:00  

Barberton Mines
Vantage Goldfields
Agnes Gold Mine
Local industry



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   1-5 shows   R9 600
  6-11 shows  R8 500
  12+ shows  R7 800
  2 x Combos  R15 100
  3 x Combos  R19 800

For those of you who ever read Bryce Courtney’s classic The Power of One, you would remember that most of the story is set in 1940s Barberton. Much has improved over the past 70 years, but Barberton remains well known and reputable as a golden land of opportunity.

Barberton Mines is the birthplace of BIOX (‘Biological Oxidation’), an environmentally friendly process of releasing the gold from the sulphide that surrounds it, using organisms that perform this process naturally. Barberton is still used as the training facility for all BIOX plants globally.

- This is our 6th exhibition in the area.
- We had 149 registered visitors and
24 exhibitors booked at the last exhibition. 








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