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Profits in the ports

Ongoing global demand for commodities, driven by emerging economies, will continue to apply pressure on the resources industry to mine, process and export these commodities, and at a competitive cost.


Mechanisation in mines seems to be a trend, but there are pros and cons to this process.

Man vs machine – the pros and cons

By: Matthew Wood – writer

 Mechanisation is an ongoing concern of the global mining industry – but what is the impact of this on South African mines?

Mechanisation is a topic of great discussion and controversy, affecting various players in the mining industry in different ways. An evaluation is needed, stacking up the positives and the negatives of the mechanisation possibility in South Africa.


Crane accidents caught on tape compilation

Crane accidents caught on tape compilation, includes excavator fails.


The railway system continues to play a big role in mining today.

Focus on: railway

By Matthew Wood – writer

MMPR pays homage to the railway system and the role it plays in the mining sector of the 21st century.


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