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Mine trucks do not get traded in; they run until their life span is used up.

Giants of the earth – mine trucks

Mine trucks, the ones that operate right in the heart of the operation, are fascinating creations based on their epic size alone


Maintenance advice


When working in highly contaminated air, typically experienced in very dusty conditions, maintenance personnel may need to change filters earlier than scheduled to ensure full airflow and engine power. However, since it’s not possible to visually determine when a filter reaches capacity, one of the best ways to determine its effective performance and expected life is via a Cat air filter service indicator, which accurately reads its condition.


Considerations for a bucket wheel excavator

The bucket wheel excavator is placed in the spotlight for the opencast versus underground mining transport and machinery theme of the week. In stark contrast to yesterday’s featured underground mode of transport, the bucket wheel excavator illustrates just what is required in an opencast application.


What goes where?

When it comes to opencast versus underground mining transport, it is important to illustrate the two scenarios, so the different modes of transport can be highlighted. This kind of breakdown helps pans in on the concept of one set of scenarios versus another.


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