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Customer service: Why adding value is critical

By: Paul du Toit – Managing director of Congruence Training

As a discerning consumer you’ll have a good idea of what good service is and how it feels. That’s because you’ve experienced both good and great service from the many establishments out there providing the discerning customer excellent service experiences. You’ve experienced the benefits that come with a great customer experience – great products, improved design, convenience, back up, and the satisfaction that results. Consequently, you have a reasonable idea of exactly what constitutes good service (in your opinion) and what doesn’t.


Training managers – how to make sure you are getting more bang for your training buck

Edited by: Matthew Wood – writer

Google the words ‘’how to choose a training provider” and you will get over four million hits. That is a lot of advice readily available. So why then does this remain an on-going thorn-in-the-side for many mining training managers?


Multi-generational workplace relationships – what does it mean for the mining industry?

By Cindy Payle – The Skills Portal

For the first time in history, organisations are experiencing the dynamics of three distinct generations operating in the workplace all at the same time. These are the Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), Generation X (born 1965 to 1981) and Generation Y/Millennials (born 1982 to 2000). Each has a unique identity that impacts how they approach working relationships and what they need to be actively engaged at work.

Generational differences have a big influence on the workplace, and mining organisations need to actively deal with generational diversity by understanding these differences, adjusting their management and communication styles to bring out the best out of each generation, and finding ways to engage the younger generation.

The Generation Y/Millennials have extremely high expectations and demand meaningful work, immediate constructive feedback and positions of influence. This generation struggles with role confusion, issues of anxiety, wrongful expectations, low engagement, diffusion of boundaries, and self-doubt about their abilities. They bring to the workplace ideas and principles that fly in the face of how we have always done business.

As Millennials move into management roles, they really do rewrite the rules of management. They are changing the face of leadership as they move up the corporate ladder with a collaborative approach which is very different from the hierarchical style that organisations are used to.

On a working team level, multi-generational teams also need to adapt how they work together as they encounter amongst themselves diverse attitudes towards work, authority and loyalty; and conflicting perceptions of what constitutes success. Some of these implications will be disruptive and even painful for organisations that are accustomed to traditional patterns of authority and channels of communication within a mining environment.

Alusani Skills and Training Network has been brought into mining organisations to facilitate interactive training courses on preparing Millennials for leadership success, engaging a multi-generational workforce and overcoming generational gaps. Our customised courses focus on practical tools and techniques around:

  • What are the key drivers of different generations in the workplace? But more importantly, how do you manage the generational gaps.
  • Enhance your understanding of your own leadership style, personality, assumptions and stereotyping in relation to the diverse members in your team.
  • Equip yourself to deal with diverse team members and understand the impact of culture.
  • Learn how to communicate, motivate and engage with different generations up, down and across your organisation.
  • Develop and adapt your leadership and management strategies to enhance performance, improve employee engagement and deal with difficult team situations.

The heart and mind of a great manager

New managers are battling to cope with the immense responsibility of leading and inspiring employees due to a lack of training and experience. Management coach Lizanne de Jong shares
her tips on how to become a respected and trusted manager.


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