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Good graduates are in high demand. The potential to craft well-qualified young people into crucially-skilled top performers is a promising ideal. How do you ensure the spend produces the rewards?
As we reach the end of the year, most organisations have secured their prize potential from the graduate pool. Many do so knowing that the previous intake has not lived up to expectations - there will have been varying degrees of success and disappointment.

The gap between potential and experience
Highly qualified graduates usually lack at least some aspect of organisational or relational competence to match their skill set. They have the theory, but little practice of the nuanced implications of work situations, complex interpersonal dynamics, business protocol or work-place ethics. In addition, many have second language literacy issues and need support to balance educational gaps. For organisations to get full value, they must deal comprehensively with these issues.

Placed in situations that match their degrees but not their experience, graduates are often left to sink or swim. Pressured to perform without full awareness of fundamental work-day practicalities, costly and/or humiliating mistakes happen.

Alternatively, in a well-intentioned attempt at training, graduates are frustrated with basic tasks and information perceived to have no relevance to their degree. Some are given e-learning projects without facilitated processes or feedback. Bewildered and unaware of what they don’t know, crucial loopholes are often discovered at the coal-face when impact and pressure are high.

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