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Let’s hear it for Pemba

Mozambique continues to maintain its status as a mining and industrial hub of Africa. One just needs to pan in on each industrial location of the nation to see what treasures are available, such as Pemba which is rich in offshore natural gas fields.


Uranium: a key player

The Namibian Uranium Institute (NUI) is the uranium industry’s leading point of contact for governments, the public, media and other interested parties. The NUI creates consultative communication platforms, set standards and provides health, environmental and radiation safety training for the industry. It is closely linked to the Namibian University for Science and Technology (NUST).


Association announcements

The Namibian Uranium Association (NUA) is an independent association representing the interest of all the operating uranium mines, most of the uranium exploration companies and contractors associated with the industry. It is governed by a Board of Trustees. The purpose of the association is to promote the development of an efficient uranium industry committed to sustainable development and in compliance with Namibian laws and regulations.


Uranium today

Fitch Ratings recently put uranium in the spotlight, highlighting how the material fares from an economic perspective at present, and how it shall do so in the near future.


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