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Mpumalanga’s critical environmental resources at risk

The Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) has released a damning report detailing negligence in the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)’s failure to uphold environmental laws in Mpumalanga.


Clearer picture emerging of Brazil's mining disaster

Experts say Brazil's Rio Doce region will take decades to recover, after 2015's devastating mine waste spill. Fishermen face an uncertain future, while the potential for further accidents looms.


Mining and the environment: the future of Australia’s brand

Australia has built a strong global brand based on its iconic natural beauty. For example, the new Australia Tourism campaign, ‘There’s nothing like Australia’, features iconic landmarks like the Kimberley, Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef. But on the flip-side, mining is an important part of the Australian economy, representing the third largest sector-share of GDP in 2009-2010 at 8.4%. As the economic importance of mining accelerates, can these two core Australian brands continue to co-exist without impacting one another?


Scientists panic at prospect of liquefied natural gas project in Canada

Over 90 international climate scientists have signed on to a letter asking the Canadian government to reject Pacific Northwest liquefied natural gas (LNG)’s Lelu Island proposal.


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