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Jwaneng Mine in Botswana is one of the world’s richest diamond mines by value. (Source:

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Botswana is one of the many countries in Africa that is fortunate to boast a diverse wealth of minerals. Mining and Technical Exhibitions believe that they can bring some good suppliers to Jwaneng, allowing Jwaneng to support the suppliers.

Diamonds have been the leading component of Botswana’s mineral sector since large-scale diamond production began. Most of Botswana’s diamond production was of gem quality, which resulted in the country’s position as the world’s leading producer of diamond by value.

Copper, gold, nickel, and soda ash production also have held traditionally significant, though smaller roles in the national economy.

The abundance of coal is predicted to accelerate economic growth over the next few years, and a massive railway network to link landlocked sites to the ports is being put into plan. Charles Siwawa, CEO of the Botswana Chamber of Mines, said the railway lines are of paramount importance as they will bring a new level of development.

He has also emphasised on how the improvement of roads and communications have had a positive effect on accessibility to the western parts of the country, as most of the mining activities of the past decades have been focused on the eastern side.

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