Bureau Veritas announces hi-tech innovations

Bureau Veritas recently unveiled transformative and innovative professional solutions and services —  further assisting clients to meet the growing challenges of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

The company is an international certification agency thatoffers bespoke solutions to help organisations achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance with quality, health, safety, environmental and social accountability obligations.

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New and improved service offerings were announced from various divisions within Bureau Veritas, ensuring the company delivers the highest levels of service to its customers.


The oil and petrochemicals activity, led by Erick Naidoo in southern Africa, announced a recent change in the internationally renowned online cloud-based reporting platform, Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMS), based on feedback from clients dispersed across the globe, optimising productivity and improving maintenance, while reducing product waste and reducing pressure on the environment.

The Metals & Minerals activity, led by Gavin Hefer in southern Africa, announced a new test offering, Transportable Moisture Limits (TML).

TML, is fast becoming a global requirement and refers to the maximum moisture content permissible for the cargo of any ship that is considered safe for transportation. The cargo can liquefy, affecting the centre of gravity and stability of the ship which can result in a safety and environmental concerns.

The company previously offered the service outside of South Africa and recently obtained approval from the Global Technical Governance regulator to conduct the tests locally at the Richards Bay laboratory across all three methods: flow table, penetration test and proctor fragerberg test. Turnaround times are now much quicker, and rates are more competitive in the local market.

The agri-food activity, led by Joanne Barton in southern Africa, announced the unveiling of a highly innovative and high tech automated laboratory in Cape Town, therefore extending the Bureau Veritas network and footprint in Africa. New equipment introduced for testing of pesticide chemicals ensures latest legislation in South Africa can be reported more swiftly with a high spec result. Food safety remains a key priority, with the laboratory geared for sudden and quick responses required for retailers and suppliers; like the current Listeria outbreak where identification and quarantine of products need to be managed quickly and effectively.


The Industry activity, led by Eric van der Linde in southern Africa, announced that Bureau Veritas has launched various measures to better manage asset integrity management data on behalf of clients. Using advanced analytics, data can be interrogated and assimilated more effectively therefore assisting engineers when making decisions regarding asset integrity and asset optimisation; increasing efficiency, lowering operational costs and increasing profits.


The Certification activity, led by Neda Taghadosi in southern Africa, announced the revision of various certifications: the Quality Management system ISO 9001, the Environmental Management system ISO 14001 and the Health and Safety Management system ISO 45001.

Language is simpler, and requirements are less directive, ensuring they can easily be integrated into clients’ current management systems due to the high-level structure nature of the system.

Risk management is also improved, ensuring customer satisfaction and improved environmental impact management. Clients are poised to benefit from sets of technical documents providing guidance on the standards and its requisites through the website: www.lead.bureauveritas.com.

Training courses, online self-assessment tools and transition packs have been designed to make the transition smooth, quick and efficient.

The Zambian operations, led by CEO, Alex Ehui, announced the launch of the instrument-based vehicle inspection service, bringing improved reliability and safety to load vetting. Benefiting fleet management clients that require hazard control, this improvement ensures cost and time saving efforts. In addition, Bureau Veritas encourages clients to invest in its Verification of Conformity asset, which is useful for authorities to protect citizens from counterfeit importations.


Spearheaded by Grace Mabasa, this division presented various reformed solutions for government clients through adopting and introducing various technologies which ensure improved service delivery. Inspection testing is now done electronically and in real-time and therefore improves the quality of reports, delivery periods, productivity and efficiency. The introduction of E-cert, or electronic certificates, ensures enhanced security features for clients.

Commenting at the announcement, senior VP – Africa Region and President of Government Services and International Trade (GSIT), Marc Roussel, says, “Bureau Veritas is committed to the African continent and continues to show confidence in the regions. We have invested in our infrastructure and footprint to further enhance our offerings in support of our customers’ success.

“It is our vision for southern Africa to constantly exceed our client expectations through world class professionalism from a diverse and highly motivated team. We are committed to local legislation and are poised to roll out social corporate responsibility initiatives that will further improve the lives of others. We continue to develop and engineer new solutions in support of our clients’ wide range of needs. We also continue to progress with the Bureau Veritas strategic plan in support of our global organisation. We are excited about 2018 as we see our businesses gain momentum in southern Africa and on the continent,” he adds.


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