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Heat-related illnesses (and how to combat them)

Throughout this summer, South Africa has witnessed a distressing heatwave, resulting into people being admitted to hospital and some even dying! Mine workers especially are in great danger of suffering from dehydration during a heatwave… how can this be avoided?


Heatwave: focus on Limpopo

In light of the persistent heatwave the country is experiencing, we focus on mining areas that have been particularly affected by South Africa’s recent drastic temperature spike. The mining intensive Limpopo province, which is famous for diverse deposits of minerals that include platinum, gold and iron, is suffering immensely because of this... Just how bad is it?


Substance abuse: identifying the signs


By: Rhys Evans, director at ALCO-Safe

Alcohol or substance dependence has a significant effect on an employee’s ability to contribute to the company’s success. Economically speaking, an addiction can increase absenteeism, reduce productivity and escalate accident rates. However, addiction doesn’t just affect an individual in the workplace. It filters through on a personal level; an addiction can result in divorce, broken homes, severe emotional problems and even death. In light of the fact that addiction permeates every aspect of an individual’s life, it is a crisis that must be addressed at many levels, including the workplace.


Collapse in Shaanxi


Tragically, typical accidents in mining such as collapses are not a thing of the past, as this news piece will illustrate.


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