Exploration - Southern Africa - DMS will increase production

An independent test by SGS South Africa has confirmed that a dense media separation (DMS) section in Cradle Arc’s processing plant will increase production at its Mowana copper mine in Botswana significantly. According to Kevin van Wouw, CEO of Cradle Arc, a DMS will increase production to 22 000 tonnes per annum of copper in concentrate and increase throughput to about 2.6 million tonnes per annum. The reduced cash costs will lead to an increased NPV of about USD245-million (from the current base case NPV of USD87-million).

Location: Botswana
Resource: Copper

The SGS test work has demonstrated that DMS pre-concentration can be deployed at Mowana on all low-oxide ores (those that contain less than 25% acid soluble copper). Van Wouw says that Cradle Arc will now continue with a development plan for the upgrades to the Mowana processing plant. The company is also generating a new block model for the resource at Mowana, which will enable it to complete new mining schedules that incorporate the DMS study results as well as the additional knowledge gained from a re-logging exercise. To complete the technical aspects of the DMS upgrade project, Wardell Armstrong has been appointed to remodel the Mowana resource.

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