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Multiple gold workings have been discovered at Altus Strategies’ Zolowo Project in Liberia. Altus recently completed the first-phase exploration programme at the 466km² Zolowo in Lofa County, north-western Liberia. Initial reconnaissance has identified over 50 alluvial gold mining sites. At each working, up to 25 artisanal miners were found to be selectively mining gold-bearing gravels, often at the boundary between saprolite and bedrock.

Location: Liberia
Resource: Gold

It was reported that gold has been mined in this way from the Zolowo area since the 1930s. As part of the reconnaissance programme, a number of hard rock samples have been collected for assaying. The largest mining site mapped to date is about 250m long and 50m wide. Altus’s licence hosts a 33km-long Archaean greenstone belt, which is the likely gold source. According to an announcement by the company, a systematic stream sediment sampling programme will now be undertaken.

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