MTE Malelane EXPO 2018

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Venue: RCL Foods Rugby Club
Date: 30 October 2018
11:00 to 16:30  

RCL Foods (Malelane sugar mill)
Molatek plant
Local industry


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spacer Per stand - Excl. VAT
   1-5 shows   R10 300
  6-11 shows   R8 900
  12+ shows   R8 050
  2 x Combos   R15 900
  3 x Combos   R20 700


Malelane is an area teeming with activity, and although there is no mining activity in the area, MTE will host its first trade and technical exhibition in the area, considering the previous successful mining exhibitions that integrated the sugar industry (such as the Richards Bay expo). The farms in the region produce sugarcane, subtropical fruit and winter vegetables.

The South African sugar industry is cost-competitive, ranking in the top 15 out of about 120 sugar producing countries worldwide. The sugar industry (which stretches across two provinces of South Africa, namely Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal), makes a positive difference to the lives of more than a million people and is a catalyst to economic growth, employment and development. Sugar, aside from its obvious nutritional and economic benefits, can produce molasses which is used for animal feed.

Agriculture, such as sugar farming, dominates the region’s main economy. As a result, the town is the centre of the sugar-growing industry in Mpumalanga. In addition to sugar, the town is also home to several farms that produce a variety of crops including subtropical fruit and winter vegetables

Exhibitors we would like to see include sugar and agricultural suppliers including piping and irrigation.

 This is our 3rd exhibition in the area.The last show in this area was 2017

-We had 
100 registered visitors and
20 exhibitors booked at the last exhibition.





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