MTE Richards Bay EXPO 2018

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Venue: John Ross College
Date: 18 October 2018
13:00 to 17:00  

Richards Bay Minerals
Richards Bay Coal Terminal
South 32 – Hillside Aluminium
Richards Bay Municipality
Foskor acid plant
KZN Sands (Tronox)
Mondi Paper
Local industry
Various sugar mills


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spacer Per stand - Excl. VAT
   1-5 shows   R10 300
  6-11 shows   R8 900
  12+ shows   R8 050
  2 x Combos   R15 900
  3 x Combos   R20 700

2Richards bayPerfect summer’s day in Richards Bay.

Richards Bay is home to several mining operations such as Richards Bay Minerals and South32. Richards Bay Minerals is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto in South Africa and the mine produces ilmenite from mineral sand deposits. South32 is an aluminium smelter that produces aluminium metal and the mine uses advanced technology to achieve maximum smelter productivity.

The Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), which is in the Richards Bay harbour on the Indian Ocean, is the largest coal export facility in Africa. It is situated at one of the world’s deep-sea ports, and is subsequently able to handle large ships and large volumes of coal. The 276ha site currently boasts a 2.2km-long quay, with six berths and four ship loaders. The terminal has a storage capacity of 8.2 million tons of coal and, in September 2006, it set a new world record by loading and exporting 409 809 tons of coal in a 24-hour period at an annualised rate of 149.17 million tons per annum. Potential throughput is to reach 91 million tons a year by the first half of 2009.

MTE is honoured to bring the buyer and supplier together in a mining heartland of international acclaim.

MTE cannot ignore the broad and diverse range of industries in this area and, as such, we encourage businesses outside of the scope of mining to join in the show. These include businesses involved in the industry of sugar, harbour, paper and pulp. As our previous show illustrates, Richards Bay is an ideal area to incorporate all industries.

Note: The consumption of alcohol is not permitted at the venue.

Exhibitors should include suppliers in the sugar, harbour, paper and forestry sectors. Several sugar mills are dotted along the coast line and the Mondi paper mill is a massive operation producing Baycel and Baywhite.





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