MTE Solwezi EXPO 2018

MTE 25Year logo finals   
Venue: Royal Solwezi Hotel
Date: 22 August 2018  
13:00 to 17:30  

Kansanshi mine
Synite quarries
Local industry



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   1 show    R14 800
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  3 shows    R25 500


Solwezi is the capital of the Zambia’s North Western Province, home to about 65 000 inhabitants many of whom work in Solwezi’s main industry, copper mining. Kansanshi mine, one of Solwezi’s biggest mines, exploits copper-gold ore from Kansanshi Anticlinal and has been operating since the 19th century.

Lumwana, Solwezi’s other big mine, was discovered in 1961 but serious work wasn’t carried out there until Equinox Minerals became involved in 1999. Uranium is also mined in Solwezi at the Lumwana mine north of Solwezi town.

Solwezi is a fast-growing town due to the booming mining industry, which has made it an international attraction for investment. Being the biggest copper mine in Africa, Kansanshi, has undergone several expansions since it began operation in 2005. The mine produces 340 000t of coper and over 120 000oz of gold annually.

Industry in the Solwezi area, aside from mining, includes processing, acid, quarries and engineering.

This is our  8th exhibition in the area.The last show was in 2017


- We had 187 registered visitors and
45 exhibitors booked at the last exhibition.


 MTE’s Solwezi show underway at the Royal Solwezi Hotel.



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