MTE Lime Acres EXPO 2018

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Venue: Lime Acres Rugby Club
Date: 15 June 2018  
13:00 to 17:00  

Finsch Diamond mine
PPC Lime
Idwala Lime


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   1-5 shows     R10 300
  6-11 shows    R8 900
  12+ shows    R8 050
  2 x Combos    R15 900
  3 x Combos    R20 700

Finsch Mine – a diamond in the rough.

lime2The historic Big Hole in Kimberley.


‘Evaporating gravestones’ near Daniëlskuil was the first clue to the rich limestone deposits found at what was to become the mining village of Lime Acres in the Northern Cape. Geologist, Digby Roberts, heard these and other stories about businessmen who had been disappointed to find that the stone they quarried developed brown stains when exposed to the air. What they suspected to be inferior quality dolomite, Roberts recognised as primary limestone.

In 1954, the first kilns of what is now known as PPC Lime came into operation.

Lime Acres is also home to the Finsch Diamond mine, one of seven operations managed by De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM). Discovered in 1961 during exploration for asbestos, the deposit was first developed as an open pit but has operated as an underground mine since 1991.

In January 2011, De Beers sold the Finsch mine to Petra Diamonds for USD200-million and Petra plans to produce two million carats a year from the current 1.5 million carats, by 2018. The increase in production will be possible through tailings and underground production.

Finsch is one of the world’s significant diamond mines and South Africa’s second largest operation following De Beers’ Venetia mine. Finsch producers large, special diamonds and numerous stones with more than 50 carats.

Exhibitors should include companies that supply equipment or products to the diamond mining industry mines or that supply equipment or products that can be used in the diamonds process. Kimberley is South Africa’s original diamond town, so if you’re involved in that business, this is the expo for you.

 This is our 2nd exhibition in the area.The last show was n 2017


- We had 108 registered visitors and
28 exhibitors booked at the last exhibition. 

Immediate mine needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Dust suppression
  • Prevention of sullage in plant
  • Cleaning structure / conveyors / spillage
  • Couplings between motor
  • Specialised PPE

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