New plant crushes it in Africa

The Terex WJ1175 electric wheeled jaw crushing plant from ELB Equipment was recently commissioned in Africa.

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As a fully electric-drive operated crushing plant, the new Terex is a significant departure from diesel guzzling predecessors; it not only has a smaller price tag but requires significantly less support and maintenance on site. Its powerful electric-driven jaws and materials handling components also slash running costs by almost half of its predecessor’s energy costs.

Supplied locally by ELB Equipment, the Terex WJ1175 is a game-changer for mines and quarries with access to the national electricity grid or other similarly reliable source. With fewer moving parts and no hydraulics it is a simpler machine and therefore is less expensive to buy and maintain, while operationally the impressive electric drive operated crusher provides powerful and precise crushing operations, it is considerably quieter and has enhanced operator safety.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 306 0700.

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