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The Sumitomo excavator from ELB is manufactured using more than 100 years of experience in mining and earthmoving. The company produces premium-brand excavators that excel in tough conditions and often match bigger and heavier machine outputs on site.

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These qualities have led to Sumitomo excavators winning Japan’s prestigious ‘Good Design Award’ and ‘Grand Award for Energy Conservation’ in the same category as the country’s legendary automotive counterparts. Not only are they fast, powerful and durable, but are easier to maintain and operate for extended periods of time on site and require less maintenance.

Another endearing characteristic of the Sumitomo excavator to the local market is its low diesel consumption that ranks among the lowest in its class. It has three modes of operation: Speed Priority, Heavy and an Auto option, which gives operators the ability to choose the mode best suited to the kind of operation encountered.

This excavator can speed up work, reduce diesel consumption by as much as 20% or a mixture of both when working in mixed terrain.

For more information, contact: +27 (0) 11 306 0700.


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